Early evidence suggests Tulsa Remote is generating real economic impact locally

Considering only the Tulsa Remote program members present at the start of 2021, Tulsa Remote is estimated to…

  • Add $62.0 million in new local earnings in 2021—$51.3 million directly attributable to relocated remote workers and $10.7 million from the employment boost generated in the local economy.
  • Support approximately 592 jobs in 2021—394 jobs directly attributable to relocated remote workers and approximately 198 newly created full-time equivalent jobs based in Tulsa.

Which means that in 2021… 

  • There is an estimated $13.77 boost in new local labor income for every dollar spent toward relocating a remote worker.
  • On average, approximately one new job was created in Tulsa for every two remote workers who relocated.

Tulsa Remote has already grown significantly since the start of 2021 and intends to build upon these economic impacts and expand further in the years ahead. On its current growth trajectory, in 2025, the Tulsa Remote program is estimated to…

  • Add approximately $500 million in new local earnings.
  • Support upwards of 5,000 high-impact jobs, including thousands of relocated remote workers and at least 1,500 newly created full-time equivalent local jobs.

Tulsa Remote’s early returns offer lessons for other places considering similar strategies

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