Live look at me writing this post

I plan to write a longer post that goes into more detail about how we automate many of our business processes, but I thought some might just want to know what tools we use. So here they are.

FullContact to capture business cards

Scheduling with Calendly

ActiveCampaign for mailing lists, deal automation, and autoresponders

ClickFunnels for landing pages

Zapier to connect them all.

MeetUp and Eventbrite for events — we use The Events Calendar Wordpress to automatically post them on our events page

SurveyGizmo for qualifying investors and getting their mailing addresses. We use this because I used to work there and have a free account. You can also use free tools like Google FormsSurveySparrow or Typeform.

ActiveCampaign loop automation to periodically ask people to complete the qualification form

Zoom for webinars, using Zapier to add them to ActiveCampaign

Trello for acquisition and asset management

SmallPDF to compress big deal packages so they can be emailed.

Google Drive for sharing documents. Many prefer Dropbox, but we use Google’s Gsuite product for business email, and it includes unlimited file storage.

Personal Productivity Tools

Most of us our Macintosh users and most of these apps are for the Mac. I’m sure you can find Windows versions with a little Googling.

Yoink to make dragging and dropping a little less frustrating.

Gmail canned responses 

TextExpander, sort of like canned responses, but can be used outside of email. I use it for small snippets like our office mailing address, our web address, my phone number etc. But you can use it for canned responses as well, especially those that need a lot of personalization.

JumpCut, which keeps a record of your last 20 copy & paste actions. You can cycle through them with a shortcut key instead of having to go back to the original.

SlideGeeks for PowerPoint illustrations and templates 

Loom for recording short screen videos. Tip: whenever you’re having a problem with a web app, shoot a quick Loom video and share it with tech support. They will love you for it.