Great Content and Awesome Host


NTabor in United States

If you are looking for solid advice and relative content then you should add Creative Real Estate Podcast to your play list!

Adam just wants to hook you up


Rubulent in United States

The more that I get to know Adam the more that I want to cheer him on and root for him. All he does is provide value for every one he comes in contact with. It’s an honor to know him on any level and his guest’s info is transformational for your business.

Dynamic Content


JasonY1979 in United States

Adam dives in to great detail valuable content that will help you excel. He cares about others and their success and it shows!.

Amazing Content & Great Guests


Mr Okinawa in United States

I love this podcast! Adam always puts on top talent in the industry. Been listening religiously.

Ep 181


FG PC in United States

Thank you for having crowdfunding attorney Mark Roderick on the show. Great episode!

Great energy


AlinaTrigub in United States

Adam has a ton of positive energy. His interviews are always insightful as he ask his guests very detailed questions that get to the bottom of the insight. Highly recommend his podcast!

MultiFamily Master


DTLA Agent David in United States

Heard Adam Adams speak live in LA. I got 10 great tips for raising capital.

Always love Adams Energy


mike12231982 in United States

Love watching Adams podcasts tons of information always genuine and honest was also fortunate enough to meet him as well

Great Podcast


A121318 in United States

Fantastic podcast- very insightful for anybody interested in getting a deeper knowledge level of real estate from a variety of angles!

Have fun investing in real estate


beelay20 in United States

Met Adam at a real estate multi-unit networking event. Not only is a an awesome teacher he is a pleasure to listen to!



Bhatiasanjeev in United States

Adam is great. Highly recommend if you are in multifamily business.

Great Podcast


JCbruins in United States

Amazing value

Great Info


coastal xxxx in United States

Adam as always very informative. Looking forward to training for Meetups with him.

Simply amazing!


Uncle G 10X in United States

This is my morning coffee! Simple, fun & informative!



Izhak Kofman in United States

Excellent podcast, easy to understand and very useful information.

Adam’’s multifamily meetup


Ruchi_AA in United States

I attended 2 of Adam’s multi family talk. I learnt so much. He was very helpful and answered all the questions. It opened up my eyes to a lot!

Incredible value


mfbosslady in United States

As a real estate professional, I listen to a LOT of RE podcasts. Adam always gives incredible, specific value that I value highly as it’s very applicable and sometimes “off the beaten path” of what you’d expect to hear. One of my fav episodes is the one he did on Follow Up with a guest speaker. Keep it up Adam!

Adam Has The Great Show


nas z in United States

Im going to launch my podcast soon and Adam’s one episode on launching is gold!!!

Must Listen For Real Estate Investors or Want to Be Investors


Flyboy775 in United States

Adam Adams is the real deal, and deliver incredible content packed with value!



LA MTN in United States

Adam’s podcast is very educational and helpful!

Must listen


bribriscoe in United States

Adam Adams is the real thing. Met him at the Michael Blank event in Dallas and was impressed by what he does. Started listening to the podcast and, no surprise, it’s really freakin good.

Adam is a mind reader!


apartmentnerd in United States

It’s almost spooky, but when I have a question, it seems like Adam addresses it here on through his Facebook Live videos. So much value and inspiration here!

Amazing information


FoxFinancial in United States

Adam Adams is a true giver. His knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge is unparalleled in the industry. So grateful for his contributions in the real estate world!

A great podcst


Kk377 in United States

Adam a Adam is a great guy and his podcasts have in depth knowledge about multifamily investment.he provides the listeners with incredible content and very specific and informative.

Great show!


ericchurch7 in United States

Adam has great energy and a ton of relevant, value-providing guests!

Best value podcast


paulwaynevincent in United States

Adam Adams is ridiculously generous with his time and knowledge. I think there are only a handful of podcasts in real estate where actual value is passed and this is absolutely one of them. Cheers.

Might be free, but it’s priceless!


Savy Student in United States

Amazing content on every podcast. Man! Found this podcast a few months ago, been listening butjust now reviewing. Amazing content shared in a simple way. Down to earth but crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s. 😉 I have picked up jewels just by plugging in. A few that allowed me to make more $ frommy own deal (thousands) some that saved me from possible danger. (Didn’t even know I was exposed).

Great stuff Adam. Keep em coming.

Thank you for bringing on the lawyer to explain SEC regs!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in United States

Adam Adams brings such great content, I didn’t know a thing about real estate investing when I started listening, and I have learned so much. Not only does he bring great info, he promotes the podcasts of his guests, many of whom I started listening and otherwise would not have known. Between all their podcasts, I feel like I’ve gotten an MBA in multifamily real estate investing! Thank you and all your guests!

Outside the box podcasting right here….


Piles ‘o paper in United States

Please sir, may I have another star? This podcast is worthy of at least six stars out of five. From short term rentals and fix & flip single family homes to buy & hold multifamily properties, Adam and his guests BRING IT. Always something new. Great questions, insightful and creative answers from experienced investors. Incredible value, thank you!! Keep it up.

AAA gets and A+


AbelyCOCO in United States

Happiness is passive cash flow! Adam is the real deal. Anyone looking to get into investing in real estate needs to listen to Adam or go to one of his events. He’s become a friend and a mentor to me and is the type of person that goes out of his way to help you however he can.



peals in United States

Adam Adams has had an epic real Estate journey that has allowed him the ability to bring on amazing guests an add tremendous value to his listeners. Great guy and fantastic to work with! Can’t wait to listen to more!!! So much value!

Soliciting reviews


Epicyo222ew in United States

Wannabe Influencer with self-help garbage. Wanted me to put a 5 star review after listening to his podcast in an AD, but really do not like that. He even reviewed his own podcast pretending to be someone else, look for AAA in the reviews if he hasn’t deleted it and see yourself!!

Not impressed

Billianthephilosopher in United States

This is not creative, and the desire for creating this really is for business advancement probably since it is with a company.

Apartment Syndication


Unicorn_pigglet in United States

I had the opportunity to attend a class on Apartment Syndication by Adam. It was excellent! Lots of very valuable information! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great tips and strategies


Jcasmon in United States

Adam Adams brings great energy, strategies and tactics to help listeners identify creative strategies to grow their portfolio. Definitely worth the follow!

Great podcast


Make The Money in United States

Adam and Blue Spruce really know their stuff, I know them personally and know they’re doing deals and providing value for a lot of people in the industry

Great Content, Inspiring Stories, Highly Educational


john_l_jacobus in United States

I tune into Adam’s show regularly and consistently find my time is well spent. I find his guests inspiring and knowledgeable.

Great Podcast!


Roger Jacobsen in United States

As an investor, the amount of great information in this podcast is priceless. The guests are entertaining, inciteful and Adam asks great questions. If anybody is or wants to invest in Real Estate, I highly recommend it!

Amazing Podcast and Host!!!!!


Whitney Sewell in United States

Adam is an amazing guy and podcast host. He is great at interviewing guests to get the best content possible. This podcast is a must if you want to learn from the best guest in the industry and a host that knows his stuff! He truly cares about the listeners.

You do not want to miss this podcast!


YonahWeiss in United States

I don’t know another real estate podcast host who is as genuinely concerned about providing value to his listners as Adam. I really love it. He has great guests who share their respective expertise, in so many areas of the real estate world. I have learned important lessons and strategies from Adam, and you should do the same. Keep it up!

Best podcast ever!!!


karenbasulto in United States

If you are interested in real estate investing this podcast if for you!!

Awesome show, highly recommend!


J. Barshop in United States

Adam and his guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content geared to help you become a better, more well-rounded real estate investor.

Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Creative Real Estate Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to creatively and confidently invest in real estate (and inch closer towards financial freedom as a result)!

Goodos to RealBlueSpruce


real estate investor Siva in United States

I have been listening to several episodes over the last few days. It struck me that there is a variety of folks with varying background and experience sharing their experience which becomes a good source to get upto speed real quick. I am also impressed with easy flow and the depth of conversation with specific numbers really help to understand how the deals are shaping out there. I really like the questions of five. Excellent podcast! Keep It up!

Very Informative – Solid Actionable Content


Huntsandfish in United States

Unlike many of the other podcasts who just share other investor’s story, this podcast differentiates itself by providing ACTIONABLE content on a regular basis. Whether you’re wanting to get your first apartment deal done, grow your meetup, or raise capital for other sponsors, this podcast provides tons of value to help get you on your way to the top!

Passion for Real Estate


Maday Leon in United States

I listened the 1st episode of this podcast and I am impressed with Adams passion for real estate. I strongly recommend people who want to learn more about real estate to listen him. His experience will help you a lot. Thank you Adams for sharing your knowledge with your audience. Maday

Multi-Family Inspiration


Zach Hoereth in United States

I had the pleasure of speaking with Adam in person after a multi-family event. Lots of value added!

Great podcast


Sufall in United States

Great informative podcast. I recommend this podcast for anyone looking to get into real estate syndication.



1Hala1 in United States

This is a great podcast! A lot of great content!

AAA+ Podcast


Jonathan Twombly in United States

Adam (“Triple A”) Adams is a great podcaster and gets great guests on his show. What I love about the show, in particular, is that he is also an active investor, which means that he understands the industry and the process as only an insider can. As a result, he asks questions that only someone really knowledgable will ask, and this gets guests to divulge the real secrets of real estate investing. That’s one of the ways that you can tell a podcaster is for real, and AAA is for real.

Great Content


AdMil Solutions in United States

A big thank you to the Creative Real Estate Podcast team Adam, DJ, Manny and all the guests!! I look forward to learning more, finding my niche and growing my portfolio! These podcasts have helped to provide insight and direction!

Great to hear other strategies


chrislopez5280 in United States

Great podcast! Hearing others share their strategies is one of the best ways to learn about real estate investing. Adam does a great job of interviewing people from all walks of life. Bottom line… worth listening too.

Excellent information and nonstop Motivation!


Brandon Guite in United States

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned investor everyone can get value from this awesome podcast! Every time I listen to a new episode it gets me more excited and opens my mind to different strategies and ways to get it done. Love the mix of investing strategies and guests large and small. I’m big on the mindset piece and the episode with coach McGregor might be the best episode yet! Keep up the awesome content and thanks for all you guys do!

Great RE and personal growth podcast!


Jeremy Porto in United States

If you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, then this podcast is great for helping you spend more time with high level investors!

Awesome perspectives, great content and well worth listening to all of the episodes!

Creative indeed!


Sameer Nizamuddin in United States

Great show – the podcast is legit. If you’re looking for a show that adds value, and truly gives. Look no further. The shows format, guests (give them more 5 star reviews) and content make it enjoyable!

Amazing content


Skw123 in United States

Adam, DJ, Manny and their guests provide some incredibly compelling an actual actionable content that can help anyone from the real estate newbie to the seasoned investor become better and more productive. Highly recommend!

Always Impressing


Rusty 692 in United States

This is a great show! The host, Adam, is very actively investing and shares valuable lessons and advice from his experiences. He also brings some outstanding guests and info for his listeners. Highly recommended and easily top 3 in the podcasts I choose to listen to overall.

Wealth of knowledge


BlueSprucemanny in United States

I’m so impressed of the guests that have been on this show and the content that we at BlueSpruce have been able to implement in our own practices. I recommend to everyone that is investing to check out these podcasts and see how you can add any kind of tidbits to your own business. For people just starting out and interested, this will help you think outside the box on how many ways there are to get your foot in the door to start investing.



Bradford Lowery in United States

Quality, actionable content. Not trying to sell you anything. Really appreciate the approach here and the vast array of guests. If you have a myopic view of real estate, this is a must listen

Great info


Dusty_Wayne in United States

Great content, very good for someone looking to gain knowledge how how to start investing

Great short episodes chalked full of real estate strategies


TheInvestorBoy in United States

So I’ve been listening to a number of different new Real Estate Podcasts lateley, and this is one of my favorites. I’ve been flipping houses for sometime, but still like to grab new nuggest of information to help improve my business. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Packed with great info


wturner1210 in United States

I’m new to real estate investing and this Podcast has a wealth of information for anyone in the biz – whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newbie like me. Keep it coming, Adam!

Great Resource


JBM HH in United States

I just recently started learning about MHP investing. This is a great show with awesome information for the newbie. I just hope that they start back up with podcasts.

Very Informative!


DillonNC in United States

Great podcast! Very informative to all investors.

Great Education


Milcapitalgrowth in United States

Learning more and more with every podcast. Here’s to my mobile university in my vehicle.

Kevin Bupp knows his stuff!


Texas Podcast Lover in United States

Love listening to these guys – new to this piece of the real estate market, and Kevin and his guests never fail to break the topics down into commonsense, actionable perspective and advice. Worth your time…

Very Informative


Frank S from NJ in United States

These podcasts are so good that I couldn’t stop at just one. I listened to almost all of the MH podcasts in a matter of a few days

Best In Class


JHC3Invst in United States

If you want to learn the mobile home park business, this is your number one source of educational information. Kevin and Charles not only bring in the knowledge of their guests, they provide “real world experiences” they have gained in building an incredible business. Great job guys!

Great Podcast to help understand Mobile Home Parks


cphillips in United States

For those of us just starting out, this podcast is perfect. Well done guys!

Awesome podcast


Bddksks in United States

Awesome hosts, awesome content…walks through every aspect of the business. Identifies the items to avoid and things to look for in purchasing your first park.

Good learning


PhotographyByAlexander in United States

I enjoy listening to this podcast and learn about mobile home investments. Thanks.

Great insight


Euuuuug in United States

I am not new to real estate but trying to break into this sector. Great insight into the space and how to thrive.

I am grateful…


Britherealestateguy in United States

As a new investor, I am deeply grateful for the open, honest sharing. Sure they make money and find deals this way – they should – they are teaching and helping people who want to buy MHU avoid a ton of mistakes and make money. Not a huge fan of the sales pictures mid episodse, but still rock solid! Brian M

Amazing stuff


LHoagland in United States

Great to listen to and nothing but the best info out there for this niche that I have found. I’m getting into this business because of these guys.

Super Helpful


thatbradguy in United States

I don’t know what else you could need to know about investing in Moblile Home Parks. These guys leave no stone unturned.

Inspiring and Practical


Ejoy C in United States

I listen to Kevin Bupp and Charles DeHart a few times each week. They really motivate me from their own experience and they give such great practical advice. Thank you both!

Fantastic guests, questions and concepts for creative real estate


Jamesb303 in United States

I really learn a lot from the creative strategies presented by the hosts and guests in each episode. The 30+/- minute shows are quick to digest without having to take breaks and revisit like some longer podcasts with a lot of fluff. My thanks and compliments to the Creative Real Estate Podcast team.

good stuff


tealoconnor in United States

Looking at diversifying from SFH and small multi unit rentals into MHP investing. Great info and easy to listen to. I look forward to listening and learning more.

Motivating Podcast!!


Bklynrsdnt in United States

Thanks for the great podcasts – looking forward to starting my MHP journey!

Amazing Information


XxBrasskxX in United States

Kevin and Charles literally cover every conceivable topic regarding the purchase and management of a mobile home park. You won’t find better information anywhere, especially for free!

New Investor


E Masc12 in United States

I have started listening to this podcast at work. A couple business partners and I are looking to start investing in real estate and this is giving me a lot of helpful insight on the mobile home park niche.

Great podcast and very informative


Mr_Slush_25 in United States

I started listening to Kevin on his other show, Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow, and really liked the info there regarding MHP investing. This podcast has motivated me to start the process of buying my first park this year. I love the first hand examples of the good and the bad of investing in this type of property. My goal is to own 30 units by the end of the year.

Keep up the great content guys and look forward to more episodes.

Super Podcast


Gpmrecruiters in United States

I have listened to all the cast more than twice. Trying to learn this business. I get a little more comfortable everytime I hear it. Looking forward to purchasing my first park. These two guys really know the business and are great at teaching us their system.

I am hooked!


Jstrainer2018 in United States

As someone who is interested in breaking into the real estate market for passive income, mobile home parks seems like an opportunity you should explore.

This show is the best!!!


Floth82 in United States

Phenomenal information and motivation packed into each episode! Kevin and Charles break down the fundamentals of MHP investing and ownership into easily digested segments. I love this show!

Great Info, Great Guys


waaface2.0 in United States

I am very thankful I found Kevin and Charles’s podcast last year. These guys are professional, humble, intelligent and moral, and have no qualms sharing every intricacy of their business model and what has made them successful! Very impressed with both the content and their personal attitudes and ethics. Please keep it up guys!

Excellent Info, organized format


Roberts175 in United States

Great introduction to Mobile Home Park Investing in an easy to follow format. Good job guys!

New to Mobile Park Investing


Nick 3838 in United States

I was turned on to mobile home investing via some posts on LinkedIn. I still have a TON to learn but it feels manageable after listening to my first podcast here!

Insight into the system used from building the property database to building great broker relationships made sense to me. Valuable content in my journey to educate myself.

Thanks guys! -Nick Hansen

Appreciate the passing down of knowledge


JDDORSEY in United States

Always great to hear from those on the front line passing info along.

The best MH park investing podcast!


GraceFreedom in United States

Absolutely love it! Can’t wait for more episode for the new year!

Great show!


Spud577 in United States

Great show. I listen all the time.

Phenomenal Podcast!


Brady Hanna in United States

I have been listening through all of their podcasts and it is great educational content! I have been on the fence for the last 12 months of purchasing my first park and after listening to their podcasts I feel confident in buying my first park.