Everyone wants to be wealthy, but few understand how.

Our schools are no help. They teach us how to fit in and occasionally some specific skills, but they fail at teaching us how to think about money. I don’t really blame schools for this. After all, most teachers don’t know how to think about money either. Even at business schools they focus more on how to build wealth for a company rather than how to build wealth for yourself.

Whatever the underlying cause, it’s a fact that Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement. Absent a national commitment to better financial education, we must look to others for wisdom. Which leads me to Naval Ravikant.

Naval is well known in the Twitterverse for his insights about technology, business and life. As the founder of AngelList, Naval has seen and worked with literally thousands of investors, companies, employees and technologies.

Though primarily a tech investor, many of Naval’s insights are universal. He intuitively understands that the most fundamental element of business is the people behind it. If the people aren’t physically or mentally healthy, the business isn’t healthy either. Diet, exercise, sleep — all of these inputs are critical to maintaining focus and productivity, and it’s your responsibility to live a full life, not just be an overworked wage slave.

This applies to founders too — it’s easy to get sucked into the day-to-day drama of working in your business and not devote enough time to work on your business. And it’s all too easy to jettison the daily habits that make you a healthy, well-rounded person.

A few months ago, Naval posted one of his many Tweetstorms of life lessons called How to Get Rich (without getting lucky). It was so popular that it’s been translated into several languages.

Naval’s audience is mostly tech oriented, but as you can see, these lessons go well beyond tech investing — covering themes like wealth creation through owning assets, how assets provide leverage, acting with integrity, long-term thinking and self-education.

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How to Get Rich (without getting lucky):