Banking Is Only The Beginning: 36 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

Banks tend to downplay the risk of cryptocurrencies to their business models but they really should be nervous. In my presentation at CrowdConverge I pointed out that, historically speaking, banks are often the second-to-last adopters of new technology (the last being governments). It took Chase Bank the better part of twenty years to offer a decent competitor to PayPal. It only took five years from Kodak to go from the dominant camera company to bankruptcy, and the market for cameras is now 10x bigger. They were so busy protecting their core business that they couldn’t see that the future market would dwarf it.

27 Ways to Add Value to Apartment Communities by the inimitable Joe Fairless

99,000 Investors and $5.8B in Commercial Properties Now on CrowdStreet  – yeah, it’s a press release, but their growth is impressive. In five years I expect the majority of small- to medium-sized syndications will be done on crowdfunding platforms.