In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Diversification can allow you to penetrate the market quickly
  • How can you utilize real estate right now to benefit from the down turn and how to get through it?
  • The best thing that comes of of downturn is LOYALTY
  • Position yourself, go to work and surround yourself with positive mental attitude
    • Focus on the solution Tips to go through the market crisis 1. Need to get creative and diversify what you are doing 2. There’s a 60-90 days period not to buy. They need to just set, watch and be patient 3. Thriving markets are 30% higher than they were pre recession 4. By July/August we will have a better understanding of what type of real economic impact this is gonna have 5. The OLD normal is not gonna be the NEW normal after we come out of this.
  • If you have a 50%-70% debt to income ratio on your property, it’s a good time to hold not to sell.
  • If you are a seller and have a lot of debt to a property, you need to get rid of that debt and to be liquid.
  • Keeping a solid mental state is the KEY

Book Recommendation: The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

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