In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What are Party Walls?
  • In a HOA, the board is required to every certain number of year to have a comprehensive reserve study
  • Not tracking all the large scale capital items will make a huge impact on your overall profit on the building
  • Main items that people defer that would cost them more in the long run
    • Roofing is huge.
    • Painting
    • Tracking the life of the water heaters
  • Identify your equipment and figure out if its going to make an impact
  • Water heaters can go 10-15 years. They typically have machine problems within the 12 year mark
  • What is a Cost-Benefit Balance?
  • Flat roof can last about 20 years
  • At about 15 years in any roofing system you should have a roofer go out and check the seals around and vent pipe
    • Issues that a flat roof can have -Draining -Framing -Pay attn to where the water exit
    • How to take care of Boilers and Chillers -Have a maintenance plan -Having someone who check it that specialize in that equipment -Take care of the equipment regularly will extend it life -Systems vary that you can’t put a standard life span on it
  • Establish relationships with the property manager and maintenance people.

Book Recommendation: Emerging Real Estate Market by David Lindahl and The 10X rule by Grant Cardone

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