In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What are the top tips or actual steps on how to get paid ads?
  • Paid ads are the fastest way to get leads
  • In today’s crisis, the key is getting your brand out there
  • How often is Facebook LIVE not enough or too much?
  • What is Intent Base Branding?
  • If you’re truly providing value, you can go Facebook live every single day
  • People have this scarcity mindset of giving anything for free
  • WE are our ONLY competition
  • Streamyard: a great platform to go Facebook  Live
  • The imperfect massive action is 10x more important than a perfect action
  • Facebook stories/Instagram stories, how’s that compared to FB Live? When you should use it?
  • Everytime you post, always: Share to both the story and post!
  • Facebook account setting should be 100% public to gain more organic followers and audience
  • The more engagement you get the larger reach you get
  • What is the Facebook algorithm Edge rank?
  • You have to manipulate the algorithm by ENGAGING
  • Absolute top things that you need to implement to help your organic reach:

1. Before joining a group check these info: Check if it’s active? How many members are there? How many posts daily? How many members in the last 30 days? -After checking all the info, Join the group! -Write an introduction post, who you are and why you are there. Make it simple. – Check out the people who engage in this post. -If you think he/she is somebody who is good to network with, send a friend request and send a DM. -Send a video via DM -Consistently engage

2. How to utilize your personal profile -Everything need to be personal in your personal page -Have your profile set up correctly. It needs to be clear and consistent of who you are and what you do. -Your profile is your digital handshake

3. How to post on your profile -80% of your content is for you audience -20% is for you- meaning BUSINESS -Try to find when your audience is online the most Facebook says Weekdays : 9am-1pm Weekends: 12pm-1pm

  • How to properly use the bitly link?
  • How many bitly link can you use to get people into one website
  • Clickmagick assigns a link for each URL and subdomain
  • What is the difference between the paid and organic traffic?
  • What is Organic Leadmachine?
  • The image and video is gonna stop your audience 

Book recommendation: Viralnomics By Jonathan Goodman

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