In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • People that have great credits and great tenants don’t pay the highest amount
  • Everything should be under market
  • How to raise money in these times?
  • Now is the time! Stop sitting on the sidelines
  • Two types of people these days: 1. People that are waiting to jump in the deals 2. People who are now making the deal
  • This is the time to joint venture and partner but be very careful who your doing this with
  • Always protect your lender
  • 3 tips on how to raise money Psychology of attracting private money 1. What have you done in the past? What’s your portfolio? Talk about it -Go to Meetups -Get on Facebook Live -Walk people to your properties. Show your before-after photos. –   2. Don’t fake anything 3. Put your portfolio together
  • One tool that can help you crush it at attracting capital: Start a MEETUP

Book Recommendation: The Go-Giver

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