In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • “Good is the enemy of great “
  • Accountability can help us take more action
  • Find what works for you, its different for everybody
  • Find something that motivates you
  • Everything looks good on paper, but you have to plan for it when the world is not perfect
  • If it’s still a deal when the world is not perfect, then in Jason’s book it’s a deal!
  • Transition your rental portfolio into a more debt free portfolio
  • Create reserve account
  • Take 33% of the money you make and put it in a reserve account and DO NOT touch it
  • What is a short sale?
  • How to know when its time for foreclosures?
  • If you want short sales, get some training on it. There’s an entire process for it
  • Tips to a successful short sale: Make sure that the package is sent exactly how the lender wants it Make sure you’re doing it right Make sure that you’re submitting every offer properly and exactly Follow up constantly
  • Build a pipeline of 10-20 deals that you’re working because you’ll never really know when they close
  • How to know if it’s a short sale time?

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