In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Fix and List Secret is created to solve 2 problems:

    1. How to get enough capital
    2. How not to lose all investments when the market crashes
  • For the house seller, Fix and List Secret is the contractual, realtor and their investor.

  • Tip: You can do fix and list and not be a realtor or the contractor

  • Tip: It works better if you are not the realtor

  • Divide and conquer!

  • 3 Options Real Estate Agent are giving to the sellers

    1. Give them the low cash offer and tell them right away they shouldn’t take it. Its a bad decision unless you absolutely have to and time is so valuable and its worth giving up 20-50k or more.
    2. Show them what they can give them if they list and sell their house like a traditional realtor
    3. The FIX AND LIST OFFER, show them how they can get more amount of money from the deal.

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