In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • “Think BIG but start SMALL”

  • Know what your WHY is

  • Pick ONE market and ONE asset class

  • Build rapport with your brokers

  • Be clear and on what you can do and what value you can add in the partnership. Go out and make it happen!

  • Horse blinders- Keep your focus on one thing

  • Get on the plane, make the connection. Check the market and experience the market.

  • You can build a business within the real estate business

  • Syndication allows you to diversify your funds and put money into more deals

  • What is Multifaceted Multifamily?

  • How to get into a Partnership?

  • You should have a Core Value and Mission in your business

  • Figure out what the other side wants , don’t assume want they want. Find out how to solve their problem

  • Take smart calculated step

  • Buy GOOD DEALS instead of lots of deals

  • REVENUE is vanity, PROFIT MARGIN is sanity and CASH is king

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