In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Exchange- the ability to trade one set of benefits in real estate for another set of benefits in another piece of property.

  • What is a 1031 Exchange?

  • You need to be a License Broker to do Exchange

  • What is a Client Counseling?

Different Exchange Groups:

  1. National Council of Exchangers (NCE) They meet once a year in April at Las Vegas Visit their website for more info: (
  2. Society of Exchange Councilors
  • What is a Starker Decision?

  • Key to Exchanging is Client Counseling Step 1 Counseling Step 2 Formulas

  • We can apply Exchange in the syndication place in a number of ways

  • 2 type of people in real estate:

    1. Looking to invest for profit in real estate
    2. Looking to make money off real estate and want to provide a service
  • In exchanging you don’t have to raise money by using debt and the equity

  • Exchange Formulas – take certain benefits and combinations to get people where they wanna go

  • What is the Creation of Wealth Formula?

  • How does 1031 Paper work?

  • Anything you can do with cash, you can do with a promissory note including the 1031 Process.

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