In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Key tasks that an Asset Manager needs to do

    1. Be hands-on. Its the key task to asset performance
    2. You need to be involve in all phases of multifamily life cycle and ecosystem
    3. Ensure that all the strategic systems are in place
    4. Strategized leasing and make sure that all the accounting systems are in place
    5. Make sure that the residents are satisfied and the residential communities are thriving.
    6. Have a cohesion among the two: Business and Community/People
  • How to overcome the challenge on “Eminent Domain”

  • How to invest in a LURA property properly?

Relationship between Asset Manager and Property Manager? -Build a relationship from the very beginning -Build a budget together -Put the strategies together -Goal on physical occupancy

  • How many units are rented and economic/delinquency occupancy
  • How munch rent is due and how to were able to collect

Sample strategies to increase residential retention: -Reserve parking income -Covered parking income

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