In this podcast, you’ll learn:

Pillars to establish on how to serve the residents better:

  1. “Serving the under-served”
  2. “Focus-Permanent Residents
  3. “Mission- Creating a community safe, functional, durable, clean and treating each resident with dignity”
  4. “Our desire to attract light minded individual to take this journey with us:

7 Requirements to be a Bakerson’s

  1. You should have an interest in real estate
  2. You cant have uncontrolled ego
  3. You cant have uncontrolled greed
  4. You must be pleasantly trustworthy
  5. You must be competent in what you do
  6. Our Core Value-Must care about people
  7. We have to like you

Listeners Questions:

  1. How do you increase rents to market when buying a value add keeping both investors and residents happy? Is it a find balance?
  2. How go out of state for the first time?
  3. How do you source apartment communities?
  4. How do you know when you have the right deal to pull the trigger on?

To connect with Bruce, call him at 520-808-9111

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