In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to do a no money deal in a hot market

  • Brrr Strategy – It is an idea to buy a property, renovate it, rent the property, refinance and then repeat.

  • Combine the Brrr strategy with refinancing to get all your money back. It is 100% refinancing Brrr deal

  • Alternative loans – the rates are higher, they typically do 25% equity 70% value once the property fixed up

  • How to utilize the Brrr strategy

  • Retain property and get the rents

  • The key of Brrr strategy is finding a good deal

  • Rate and term refinance- they pay off the loan and gives you a better terms and refinance from high to low interest rates

  • The best strategy is to finance the MOST upfront so its easier to get more money from the refinance

  • You don’t just find creative deal, you have to CREATE them and FIGURE it out!

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