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5 Keys Steps in the Hiring Process:

  1. Define who you are and understand your CORE VALUES Stay in the zone where you’re really good at, stay at an area where you are effective. Hire a person who is good at the things you’re weak at Hire people that think differently than you and perform differently from you You gotta find that Yin to your Yang Your core value is something that you inherently are inside and was built into you since you were a baby Identify where you’re good at and what you love to do and stay in that zone *As the owner of the business, you need to own your business core values.

  2. Find out what the applicants core values are, what their personality is.  In the interview process, use people analyzer tool. Line out your core values and ranked them out.. Identify the person who don’t exemplify your core values and the weakness in your organization. In your hiring AD, use adjective to attract that people you wantfor this position Revolve your questions and ask around your core values Treat hiring like how to treat leads Build your hiring process like a funnel If you put the right people in the company, understand their personality and if they fit in your core values, you will explode. You will build the foundation that will move the needle for your business over the year. Hire great people that are self motivated that do the things that needs to be done. Make sure that the people are not  modifying at all and living at their natural state Care about the happiness of your staff

  3. Evaluate where they fit GWC- do they get it, do they want it and if they have the capacity and skill set to do it What are their long term plans Get them excited about the future and the opportunity Sell them the opportunity to work with you

  4. Make sure if they are in their genius zone *Time. Commit to the fact that you got the right person for the job

5.The way that you lead them, making them accountable and letting them to what they do best. Your responsibility as the owner is to make sure that you put in as much time as they are to to get to the next level. Find a way to show them what they need to do and make them accountable for it

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