In this podcast episode, you will learn:

Strategies on how to speak to your investors about a deal

  • Ask your investor “What’s your experience in real estate?”
  • Figure out what the investors want
  • Manage investors expectation
  • Pick your SDI custodian
  • Give them service, time, advisory and motivation
  • Treat your investors like your personal friend
  • Send your investors “deal toys”

How to Call the Capital

STEP 1 : Document preparation

  • Drone Video
  • Tear Sheet
  • Terms with Hyperlinks
  • Deadlines: people are forced to respond

STEP 2 : Start calling the capital

  • Set up LLC to put money into
  • Wells Fargo easy to work with for Real Estate Holding Companies
  • Tranche it out
  • 1st investors get equity kickers, income kickers
  • 2nd tranche just get income
  • 3nd tranche get cash flow note
  • Everyone actually is first tranche

STEP 3 : Keep the money coming STEP 4 : Make some phone calls and Texts STEP 5 : Start thanking people STEP 6 : Closing Dinner

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