In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • Ways to get involve in multifamily creatively: Syndication & Seller Financing
  • Always learn seller’s debt situation when negotiating
  • If you want to get under contract, they’ve got to win too, so find a way for the deal to work for both of you
  • It is NOT TRUE that the seller has to have NO DEBT to use seller financing
  • Learn about the seller’s situation
  • How to get bank to finance lower amount & get seller to finance the rest
  • Sometimes seller will make accommodations for HOW we get the deal so long as they get their price
  • Value add means taking advantage of the fact that investment properties are appraised based on their net income
  • If you can drive up revenue or reduce expenses it will directly translate into higher value property
  • Items to look for in commercial real estate investing: rents, visual appeal, safety of property, laundry

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