What you will learn in this podcast from Adam’s interview with Siva Venugopalan:

  • The key is to understand how to analyze a deal
  • The key to finding the right markets
  • The key to working with the right people
  • How to scale your real estate investments
  • How to get off-market deals
  • How to work with operators in your market
  • What to consider if you want to invest passively
  • What kind of due dilligence you should do as a passive investor
  • How to invest under the minimum requirement
  • How to decide how much to invest in a property
  • How to diversify your real estate investments
  • How to invest with $10K
  • How much to pay the manager
  • How to educate yourself about syndications
  • How foreigners can use the EB5 program to get a green card

Connect with Adam Adams at calendly.com/AdamAdams Connect with Siva at 484-301-0409 or SIVA6418@gmail.com

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