Steve Cook is the founder of Lifeonaire, an author, coach, real estate investor, speaker, father, and husband. He has a passion for teaching, giving, and his faith. After two failed restaurant ventures in 1998, Steve hit rock bottom and lost everything.

With no money and nothing but a strong will to succeed, Steve turned to real estate investing. His efforts were met with an uncommon success very quickly and his remarkable rags-to-riches story spread like wildfire across the country.

As his success in real estate continued to grow, it was accompanied by seemingly never-ending requests for coaching and speaking, not to mention the mounting demands and pressures of his own business. Taken together, the weight of these obligations started to wear on Steve and he began earnestly seeking financial and life wisdom, mostly from the Bible.

In fact, it was during a time of prayer that God revealed the word and concept of “Lifeonaire” to him and Steve has viewed it as both a blessing and burden ever since; a blessing because Lifeonaire principles have transformed his life, but a burden in that he feels the burning responsibility and need to share them with the world.

This desire led Steve to write the book Lifeonaire, introduce live training workshops held around the country, and form what has become known as one of the most successful business and life coaching programs of its kind.

Steve currently lives his Lifeonaire vision in a small town in Wisconsin. He thanks God for blessing him with an incredible wife and five wonderful children. Together he and his wife share a common desire to give back and make a difference through the support of multiple ministries that are dear to their hearts in the hopes of helping others experience abundant lives. Their faith is the foundation for all they do and it guides them through the ups and downs of life.

Topics discussed:

  1. Forclosure
  2. Mindset
  3. Life Hacks

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