Ian Love was born and raised in Seattle, WA.

CPA by trade with background in Public Accounting (EY). Ian bought his first duplex at 25 that was a bank owned foreclosure, taking advantage of the steep decline in 2010-2011 in real estate.

He saved and added an additional 2-4 unit every 18-24 months for next 5 years before realizing in order to achieve the goal of moving into full time real estate as an investor he would need to speed up the process and think bigger.

Love got his real estate license and attended several real estate meetups in the area and learned as much as possible about syndications and larger multifamily deals.

He then Invested passively in 15 unit in Spokane WA in summer of 2017 that is currently being refinancing.

Love’s on a 2 year plan to quit the day job and move into full time real estate as investor and real estate broker.

Topics discussed:

  1. Multifamily
  2. CashFlow
  3. Rentals

Links mentioned in this episode: www.seattlecapitalinvestments.com – E-mail: ian@seattlecapitalinvestments.com


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