Mathew Owens:

  • CPA (and understand the self directed space very well)
  • Flipped over 600 houses and continue to flip 5 – 10 per month
  • Invest and operate value add multifamily properties
  • Lend capital to multiple flippers in multiple states
  • Raise capital and invest in Syndicated Investments – self storage; mobile homes; multifamily; commercial, debt; etc.
  • Run a short term rental business
  • 50% of my capital and investor clients are international from Japan and China.
  • Own a management company and real estate brokerage in TN (while living in CA) – most of my investments are out of state (outside of CA).
  • Co-run a non-profit called FIBI (For Investors By Investors) – Multiple chapters throughout Southern California – focuses on teaching real estate and financial education without a sales pitch (25k members across all of our chapters, each chapter having a monthly recurring meeting).

Topics discussed:

  1. Fix & Flipping
  2. non – profits
  3. Raising Money

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