From door knocking for pest control sales to losing his home and collecting food stamps. Ryan wound up driving across the country to Savannah, Georgia to work with a friend in real estate.

Within three weeks, Ryan deposited a $20,000 check from a creative real estate deal. The momentum kept going with Ryan procuring one creative deal after another on the buyers and the seller’s side!

Nickel tells a story about one of his deals where he bought a lawnmower and it just so happened that the house came along with it!

Ryan’s interesting dynamic of finding good deals is rather fascinating. One of his strategies is called “driving for dollars”. Ryan shares a story where he went on a drive with his father and the zillow app open, showing all pre-foreclosures in the area. After viewing almost 40 properties, he found 3 that he was able to make a creative deal out of.

Topics discussed:

  1. Finding Deals
  2. Perserverence
  3. Food stamps to creative real estate entrepenuer

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