This is a fascinating interview. Who knew Alex Rodriguez owns several thousand doors?!

I especially like these strategies he uses to add value for his tenants.

A Rod gives free rent to one nurse in the community, in exchange for that nurse giving their phone number to all the other residents. If another community member has a medical emergency, they know and can contact that nurse who lives nearby.


Then he gives away free rent to two police officers in exchange for their agreement to park their police car right in the middle of the community, and being on call to walk residents back to their apartment as needed if they return at night.


Finally he gives away free rent to a teacher in exchange for a certain amount of free tutoring hours for other residents’ children each week.


By giving away free rent to these individuals who then provide value for the entire community, A Rod’s team is both instilling a greater sense of shared community, and adding unique amenities, and he says that it’s paid off with “the best retention rates” in the industry.