Education is an investment. Today, Jeromie and Anne Marie Sheldon share about how to find the right education and why it is crucial for every investors’ growth. Dive in and find out the ins and outs of continuous education in real estate investing!

Episode notes:

  • Why education is important in real estate investing?
  • Tips for finding the right coaches, mentors, and mastermind groups
  • How much would coaching cost?
  • Opportunities in pilot crash pads niche
  • The advantages of being a real estate generalist



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About Jeromie & Anne Marie Sheldon

Jeromie and Anne Marie are members of the National Apartment Association and have been investing in real estate since 2015 through single-family rentals, mobile home parks, storage unit facilities, and multi-family apartment complexes. They are managing partners of Spero Equity Management. Jeromie and Anne Marie’s desire is to use a significant portion of Spero’s profits from the real estate holdings to form a foundation that will purchase a retreat center/ranch that provides faith-based counseling/ministry to struggling military veterans, addicts, and troubled youth, who need hope “Spero” restored into their lives. This retreat center/ranch will enable these individuals to receive hope, healing, and restoration in their troubled lives, permitting them to successfully reintegrate back into society with a spirit of hope in their hearts and a re-established purpose for their lives.



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