We get it – real estate can be addictive. After doing your first deal, you cannot wait until getting your next one. But do more deals mean more money? Check out this episode with Andrew Holmes to learn how to make every transaction more profitable and avoid the burnout of chasing a crazy amount of deals.


Episode notes:

  • How does the 2-5-7 investing strategy work?
  • Is this strategy applicable to all markets?
  • How to get financed if you don’t qualify for a loan
  • Is it a good time to start flipping houses?
  • The secret to getting your first deal


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About Andrew Holmes

Born in America, Andrew Holmes would not remain there for very long. At the tender age of two years old, Andrew would go back to India with his family where he would spend the next 17 years of his life. While not from the poorest family (not the richest either) Andrew knew at a very early age he wanted more. More for himself and his family. In his late teens, Andrew made his way back to America where he would prove to his family he would become the success he sought out to be. This didn’t happen overnight for Andrew. His arrival back in America was followed by years of struggle and failures. One day while working as a waiter at Shula’s Steak House in suburban Chicago, Andrew got fed up and decided to change his life and never look back. Andrew decided to get serious with Real Estate and use it as the vehicle to success. Andrew has gone on to become a multi-millionaire real estate investor building an extremely impressive portfolio and creating the largest and most productive REIA in the country.


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