Do you want to know how to create and post quality videos on social media? Dial-in as Dan McVey shares why consistency is key to reaching a larger audience and the 3 types of content you should be posting if you’re into real estate.


Episode notes:

  • Why you should hire a professional for your videos
  • How to create quality videos on a low budget?
  • Is it a good idea to stick to one platform?
  • A cool idea for video content for realtors
  • What the future looks like for video content


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About Dan McVey:

Hailing from small-town Iowa, Dan has been in Denver for the past 4 years pursuing entrepreneurship in the video marketing industry.  He is the owner of Just Pended Denver, a real estate media company that provides listing content and branded social media videos for real estate agents and brokers in the Denver metro area. Dan loves helping realtors discover the power of video to grow their influence, their business, and their income. Some of his favorite things to do include playing soccer with friends in leagues and pickups, eating out with his gal, and traveling to foreign lands. He resides in the Park Hill neighborhood with his partner Madi, a gym owner and entrepreneur herself, and Catahoula-Beagle mix, Melvin. 


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  • Phone: 319-931-9098


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