You will have to wait at least 5 years or more on the hangar provider’s waiting list if you want to acquire one. In this episode with Rob Swanson, he shares the kind of approach in creative real estate investing that will assist you in navigating a highly competitive market. Tune in to learn more!


Episode notes:

  • Struggles of purchasing a hangar and how to overcome it
  • Taking the responsibility of ownership
  • How to create an owner-financed offer?
  • Advantages of joining associations 
  • Buying a property with a messed up deal 


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About Rob Swanson

Tens of thousands of students have gone through the Rob Swanson System of Real Estate Investing over the past 20 years, creating success story after success story, month after month. An active real estate investor, Rob zigs and zags with every new change in the real estate market and guides his students to do what’s working now. Whether a seller’s market, a buyers market, a high priced market, or a Cashflow market, Rob’s 20+ years of investing all across the country have formed the backbone of his method to real estate investing and approach to teaching his students. His teaching approach borrows from the concept of Kaizen which focuses on small, daily continuous improvements designed to produce a result. If you asked his wife, she would tell you that his superpower is teaching – and he loves it. Married for nearly 30 years with 3 grown kids, he’s had plenty of time to hone those teaching skills and help people get results, both at home and with students nationwide. A pilot, backcountry skier, ultra-marathoner, and river fly fisher, Rob is comfortable pushing his own personal limits and very happy to help you push yours.


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