Property management is usually seen as the worst aspect of real estate, but as you’re about to find out, there are a few tricks that can make this job a lot smoother. Dial-in as Eric Ross shares the pros and cons of self-managing your properties, and shares when you should consider hiring a professional to do it for you.


Episode notes:

  • Why you should keep your tenants happy
  • Reasons for hiring a property manager
  • Is it a good idea to self-manage to gain knowledge?
  • How to identify if your property is overpriced
  • 5 tips for successful property self-management


About Eric Ross

Eric Ross brings close to 10 years as a leader in the sector of investment property management. His attention to detail in the areas of quality, customer service, and landlord legal responsibilities are just a few of the major areas that his expertise is lent. Eric takes a very hands-on, no-nonsense approach to managing “by the numbers”. Prior to his Real Estate career, Eric spent 8+ years in the hospitality industry and is a former United States Marine. Driven to provide the best in customer service, client understanding, and overall satisfaction; the food & beverage experience developed Eric’s ability to be a true service specialist in the real estate and hospitality industries.


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