Legal is not the sexiest topic to talk about, but if you don’t know its ins and outs before jumping into real estate, that can be devastating for your business. Listen to this episode with Stan Doida, Jr. to learn the most critical legal details related to partnerships and how to minimize your risks when investing in real estate.


Episode notes:

  • How to set up an LLC?
  • Why you need to have a good operating agreement
  • Tips for finding the right lawyer for you
  • Rules for raising capital and selling securities
  • The important details to pay attention to when evaluating a deal


About Stan Doida, Jr.


With both a J.D. and an M.B.A., Stan uses his unique dual expertise in business and all corporate legal areas – including securities, financing, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurial and start-up legal issues, venture capital, and contracts – to help his business clients get great service. Stan is passionate about working with serious entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses. Before he founded Doida Law Group in 2012, Stan was an attorney at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Colorado. Stan merged his firm with Crow Legal in 2021 to form Doida Crow Legal, LLC. He continues to offer sophisticated and personalized legal services to his clients.


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