There is always a way to get involved in real estate even if you don’t have much time or money. In this episode, Powell Chee explains how he started investing in multifamily while still having a job. Join us today and learn a creative way to get into real estate.

Episode notes

  • Is it possible to invest out of state?
  • How to start doing 60-unit deals
  • One mistake you shouldn’t do when raising money
  • What does ”guaranteed payments” mean?
  • Ways to get educated on syndication

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About Powell Chee

Powell Chee is a syndicator and general partner in 1000+ units specializing in out-of-state multifamily properties. In 2015, while living in Los Angeles, Powell began his real estate investing with a purchase of a house in Kansas City. His next purchase was a 40 unit apartment building in Indianapolis in 2017, followed by a 61 unit property nearby in 2018. With his growing multifamily experience, Powell then shifted his focus to syndicating larger multifamily properties. In 2019, he was a general partner on 900+ units spread over 5 larger properties in locations such as Dallas, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Phoenix, and San Antonio. 

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