If we start thinking of borrowers as humans instead of just numbers, we can reduce the number of foreclosures significantly. Join us today to learn about Troy Fullwood’s successful financial model and find out how to increase home preservation and the importance of doing so.

Episode notes:

  • What is a Social Responsibility Financial Model?
  • Fix-and-Flip 5-3-2 business model
  • Ways to support people who miss their payments
  • People’s responses to Troy’s financial model
  • The average cost of foreclosures
  • Consequences of the ’05 and ’06 lending model

About Troy Fullwood

Troy founded Pinnacle Investments in 1996. Under his expert guidance, Pinnacle Investments has grown to be the nation’s leader in the purchase of first-lien performing and non-performing real estate notes, completing over 15,000 transactions since its inception. The professionals at Pinnacle Investments set the standard for high quality, strategic growth and pride themselves on their unique ability to help struggling individuals keep their homes. He also contributes his ideas on real estate investing through numerous published articles, radio talk show interviews, and his podcast The Thriving Investor Show. 

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