Building a collaborative group of people who do deals, buy and sell houses, borrow and lend money and do syndication together takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to learn how to have your own mastermind group, listen to this podcast as Jason breaks it all down so you know how to do it.

Episode notes:

  • The network created through masterminds
  • Why keeping mastermind groups under 28 people
  • ‘’The Five Cs’’ to make a powerful mastermind
  • The struggle of building systems and how to streamline them

About Jason Medley:

With 19 years of experience in real estate, Jason Medley is a cofounder of Collective Genius, a mastermind for high-caliber real estate investors. He’s partnered in over 1300 multifamily doors with CG members and has funded north of 1500 loans.

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