Luke Weber has been doing fix and flips for several years until he decided to establish a wholesaling materials company. Stay glued on this episode and learn how Luke utilized the available resources so he could maximize his real estate profit.

Episode Notes:

  • Luke’s background and how he got into real estate investing
  • Opinion on “Focus”
  • Going to any real estate investing association
  • The income and expenses of hosting parties and events
  • Advice to the listeners



Luke Weber has been involved in 1,000s of real estate transactions over the last 15 years. He is actively investing in real estate across the country and has experience in all manner of real estate, from Manufactured Homes to Single Family Residences to Apartment Buildings. His book, The Flipping Blueprint, is full of tips, tricks, formulas, and secrets that he uses in his business in the current market.

These are not outdated principles or false promises. With an emphasis on safe investing for higher returns, Luke has used his real estate appraisal knowledge as the backdrop for delivering information that can change your life! In addition to flipping houses and building rental portfolios, Luke has opened a real estate brokerage and a construction business that specializes in supplying building materials for flippers and multifamily investors.



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