In order to achieve a higher return, one must take higher risks. This is true for real estate investing and any investment for that matter. This week’s guest will discuss the reality of the risks involved in real estate investing as well as the rewards.

Joining us on the episode is Julie Broad. She is an Amazon Overall #1 Best Selling Author, an International Book Award Winner, and recipient of the Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Sales book. As an entrepreneur and successful real estate investor, she was also awarded the Top 20 under 40 Award.

Her latest venture, Book Launchers, helps entrepreneurs and professionals build their brand and boost their business by writing, publishing, and selling a top-quality book. In 2017, she also became a new Mom and moved from Vancouver Island, Canada to Los Angeles, California.

Episode Notes:

  • Julie’s background and how she started investing in real estate 
  • The reason that the book, More Than Cashflow did well and stood out
  • The ins and outs to get it on the number 1 on Amazon
  • 2 big things that happened after the release of the book
  • What “shortened the sales cycle” means
  • How much money was raised through the book?
  • What “a strong hook for your book” means
  • What would we be looking at working with Book Launchers?
  • Finding speaking engagements with a booking person
  • What is a demo reel?

Links Mentioned:


  • More Than Cashflow – Julie Broad
  • The New Brand You – Julie Broad

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