Gary brings a high level of sophistication to his real estate and corporate clientele. Formerly the Village Attorney for many communities in the Will County area, he has an unparalleled breadth of experience working on land use, zoning, and development issues, and is a frequent lecturer at numerous real estate investor seminars.

He represents hundreds of property investors and a wide variety of businesses and contractors in corporate affairs, ranging from closely held corporations to publicly traded companies such as ExxonMobil.

Listen to this episode to find out what is the success formula all about, and how to get the right mindset.

Episode Notes:

  • How long has Gary been an attorney?
  • How Gary got into the representing buyers’ niche
  • The main things that are going to help the listeners to grow their business
  • Figuring out what lights you up and pays us well at the same time

Links Mentioned:


  • The One Thing – Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

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