Today’s guest is a mineral rights expert, Katie Petross. She has 16 years of oil and gas experience. She is also an agent. After years in the Oil and Gas side of real property, doing mineral management for big and small companies, the industry took a downturn and took Katie with it. By that time she felt soiled and wanted something different. 

A friend suggested that she get her license and start selling real estate. That first relationship didn’t go so well. After she got knocked down a bit, Katie had a strong talk with herself. And decided that this is her field and she will make it great. 

Listen to this episode and together we discover what is mineral rights and how we can make money out of mineral rights.

Episode Notes:

  • Katie’s background and how she got mineral rights
  • What are oil and gas rights?
  • Surface rights and what it includes.
  • What happens past 500 feet in the air?
  • The states that Katie has worked in with mineral rights
  • Katie defines what is fee mineral rights
  • What is fee simple?
  • Understanding how to make money with mineral rights
  • Is fracking part of mineral rights?

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