Eric Doud grew up in San Diego, California, where he spent a lot of time building and remodeling homes with his father. He joined the Navy and that is what brought him to the Hampton Roads area in 1995. He bought his first house in Virginia Beach in 1999. In that first property, he was doing something that is called house hacking. He had two roommates that were paying me $350 a month each and his mortgage was less than $700. So he was living for free except for utilities.

Let’s listen to today’s episode as we learn how Eric did it even though he had not heard of house hacking before.

Episode Notes:

  • Why he purchased his first property and decided to rent it out to two of his friends
  • John’s transition from single-family to multi-family investment
  • How John negotiated a 100 percent financing on his second 6-unit 
  • How a single transaction pushed John and his wife to become professional real estate investors
  • Why John is hesitant to get into partnerships
  • How building relationships can open a lot of opportunities  

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Eric Doud – 1(757)573-3018


  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

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