Today, Neil Wahlgren joined us to discuss the importance of understanding the Single Tenant Net Lease specifically in the Industrial Sector Sales Leaseback, Structural Value-Add, and Operational Risk Reduction. Neil is a California Native and Air Force Pilot Veteran. He is also the COO at MAG Capital Partners and responsible for the Equity and Investor Relationships for their Industrial Offerings. 

This episode will give you more in-depth knowledge and ideas that you might use or share about Single Tenant Net Lease and other related topics. 

Episode Notes: 

  • Neil Wahlgren’s story of his journey to his real estate career, when and how it happened.

  • Neil explains the concept of Triple Net Type Lease and why it made him focus on that sector.

  • The downside of Single Tenant Net Lease.

  • Classified names of Walgreen Grade Tenants.

  • The Delta between different property cap rates.

  • Making 2 to 3 spreads in today’s low-interest market is worth it.

  • 2 Highly Recommend Strategies you should consider.

  • Helping Tenants vs. Real Estate Owners.

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