Episode Summary

In today’s episode, we have Drew Maconachy of Maconachy Stradley Insurance. He is a Real Estate Specialist ensuring thousands of units and almost states across the US. Anyone can listen, as he talks about the risk mitigation when you own and manage real estate. It’s one of those things that a lot of people overlooked. He will give you more understanding and tips on how to improve your real estate and insurance.

Episode Notes: 

  • How did Drew Maconachy get into Real Estate?
  • How to attract and get more customers on Insurance?
  • What could have been done in advance to make sure to know what they might require when they come out inspection?
  • Tips on how you advise people when they’re underwriting or getting ready to make an offer on a multi family  commercial type.
  • Understanding and binding a Fix and Flip.
  • What will happen if the Insurance rates continue to stay low and Increase?

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