Episode Summary

Here with us today is Daniel Mackay as he discusses one of the most important topics everyone can listen to, whether you already own a home or you are looking to purchase your first home. Dan moved from Boston to Denver almost 2 years ago for work and went through all the buying and renovating his residence. He’s got tips and tidbits today that might help you get off the couch, make that purchase and feel comfortable in doing so. 

Episode Notes: 

  • What led Daniel MacKay to purchase his first property? What are the insights of the process?
  • Advantages of getting into renovation projects or historic homes.
  • Choosing Fixer-Upper vs. a Turnkey property house.
  • What was the original purchase price and overall budget?
  • Dan’s projection on the project’s ARV (After Rehab Value).
  • What might few things he’ll do differently if he were to do it again?
  • 3 Takeaways that you should do and don’t do.
  • Some of the value-add that you can give to the real estate community.

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