Episode Summary

In this episode, you will learn how Joseph Mims went from failure to success in real estate. With no experience in real estate, Joseph faced many challenges for 2 years and he kept trying until he went from zero doors to becoming part owner of 138 properties. 

Episode Notes: 

  • Why is it wrong to wear too many hats in business?
  • How to ask investors to lend you money?
  • How to change your belief system for the better?
  • How to say yes to opportunity and then figure out a way later?
  • Where do you start in real estate?
  • Why is it important not to try to do everything yourself in real estate?
  • The importance of knowing not to be an expert in everything, just have to be able to manage it
  • Importance of having teams
  • Why is it important to go after partners, rather than assets?

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