Episode Summary

In this podcast, Siva Venugopalan talks about how to be a successful passive investor. He discusses the factors involved in investing passively and where to find the right markets. Get inspired by his story and discover what benefits you can gain by investing passively and scaling your real estate investments.

Episode Notes

  • How to analyze a deal
  • How to find the right markets
  • Identifying the factors involved in investing passively
  • How to identify the right people to work with that give you best results
  • What benefits do scaling your real estate investments bring you
  • How to obtain off-market deals
  • How to identify and work with right operators in the market
  • How to invest with the minimum requirement
  • Manager hiring and consideration of how much to pay etc.
  • Educating yourself on how foreigners can use the EB5 program to obtain a green card
  • Importance of syndication education

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