Episode Summary

We operate in a market that’s all about speed and consistency, the race is always on to get deals closed first and that never stops. Tune into this episode of the podcast to learn about how a lead is only as good as the person holding it. Christina Krauss of Postal Impact LLC, is all about making impact with leads and how they should be treated as our biggest asset. Don’t lose out on this enlightening episode – learn more about taking full control of your business from a marketing perspective.

Episode Notes

  • How to efficiently follow up with leads?
  • How critical it is to nurture and follow up with leads as they are our biggest assets?
  • How to individually treat leads in a customized way especially in the initial sales cycle?
  • Why should you follow up on leads that turned down your deal?
  • How important is it to have a full-time lead manager in your business, and to manage and audit that lead all through the sales cycle?
  • Importance of injecting a ‘human touch’ to the leads/sales cycle.
  • Can we use this lead management strategy for multi-families?



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