Episode Summary

Tune into this episode of the podcast to learn how to create success, just like our guest Tie Lasater. Tie is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, philanthropist and Managing Partner at KeyCity Capital. Tie has attained millions in properties across the U.S. and has made one of the top real estate and business coaching organizations. Get inspired and energized by learning strategies on how Tie has successfully built his legacy with his clients and how he took them to the next level.  

In this episode you will learn:

  • How did Tie Lasater has creatively raise over USD 17 million in less than a year?
  • How we can use reverse magnetism to pull people in?
  • How to grow your network in order to increase your net worth?
  • What is Garden Variety Multi Family real estate?
  • How important it is to brand your business well?
  • What according to Tie is the ‘Lincoln Effect’?

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