Episode summary:

In this podcast, you will learn from our guest – Debbie Camacho-Franco on why Self-Care is so important to success. She also goes into why Real Estate investors and business owners should prioritize cybersecurity. 

Episode notes:

  • Why is Self-care so important to success?
  • How spending more time on self improvement can eventually help in improving the business? 
  • How saying ‘no’ is a critical component of self-care?
  • How saying ‘yes’ to everything leads to valuing yourself at Zero dollars?
  • Why is it important to be transparent, honest and vulnerable when saying no?
  • How to remind ourselves that health should be our number one priority?
  • Importance of cybersecurity.
  • How business owners can prepare for cyber attacks to protect their clients’ confidential data, and optimize business operations and processes?


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  • debbie@francoacquisitions.com

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