Episode summary:

Tune into this episode as J. Scott talks about how to build your business around your life, as opposed to building your life around your business. Get inspired by his real estate success story and how he managed to scale and expand his business by perfectly managing to balance work, business and family as well as pursuing other interests and hobbies. 

Episode Notes: 

– What motivated J. Scott and his wife to get into real estate?

– How do we shift our mindset to put our family and lifestyle first, before the business?

– What challenges did he face when getting into real estate and flipping houses without any prior experience or knowledge? 

– How did he manage his time efficiently by hiring people to run the business instead of working himself?

– How can we implement proper systems and processes in a small business, similar to running a big business?

– The importance of segmenting and departmentalizing business operations into categories as per importance. 

– How important is delegation of functions?

– How to successfully document each function and role?

– Importance of replication of processes.

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