Michelle Bosch shares her story of how she felt unfulfilled in her corporate job which led her to flipping land as a side hustle and later becoming a full time investor in 2002. In this episode Michelle reflects on her journey to success and shares her life story.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Michelle and her husband built up 70,000 worth of passive cash flow just from land
  • How her personal investing has affected her real estate business
  • How she went from side hustle investor to growing a land auction company with a big team
  • The pros and cons to letting your real estate business follow your personal real estate investing career
  • Move to the next asset class only after mastering one because its very easy in real estate to dilute your energy in one asset class
  • Pros of sticking to your lane, mastering it and then evolving
  • 3 tips for beginners – Figure out your “why” And then your “what”, what sector/asset class and then your “who”, the right people makes the process much easier

Guest’s Bio

Michelle Bosch is a full-time investor since 2002. She has bought and sold over 4,000 properties, built one of the largest land investment companies in the US and hold a portfolio of over $40M in multifamily assets under management. She is the Co-Creator of the Land Profit Generator Program and CFO of Orbit Investments.

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