In this episode we are joined by Tucker Merrihew, a successful Real Estate entrepreneur, host of the real dealz podcast, and founder of The Deal Finder Academy. Tucker who is known for his marketing wizadry, describes how he used marketing for his success! He shares his experiences and how to grab people’s attention with direct mail. In this episode he also gives us a glimpse into what finding property was like in the early 2000’s and making a deal.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • People generally give up on direct mail pretty quick, which is their downfall.
  • Talking to sellers is an acquired skillset, you get better at it with time.
  • The effectiveness of direct mailing
  • When it comes to direct mailing, its best to pick one small target group
  • Be consistent with marketing, some people may not need you today but will need you the day after.
  • How to grab people’s attention with your mail packaging
  • How to get your mail to stand out and be memorable
  • How to start a conversation with sellers

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Guest’s Bio

Tucker is an Active Investor & Home Builder in Portland, OR. He operates TTM Development Company and is also the Host of The Real Dealz Podcast, Founder of the Deal Finders Academy and has been called “The Direct Mail Marketing King” in the Real Estate Investing Space. Tucker has perfected direct to seller marketing where he’s able to get the very best deals the market has to offer. He specializes in Wholesaling, Rehabbing, New Construction, Rentals/Multi-Family & Land Development. 

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